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We stock a huge selection of dress hats and fitted  hats from the leading hat manufacturers. Whatever the style, we have a hat for you. If you don't see it on our website call us toll free and we will help you find the fitted hat that you need

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The Value Of Fitted Hats vs. Adjustable Caps

There is more to a hat than just the materials they are made of. If your hat doesn't fit right you won't look right.  A hat that doesn't fit right can sit too high or low on your head, leave a red mark on your forehead, or even blow off in the wind. Quality fitted hats, in the right size can make all the difference in world. 

Fitted hats requires the hat you purchase to be manufactured in a size that will work for your head size. The greater the number of sizes that are available in a particular hat the better the chance you will have for getting a good fit.  click at the top of the page for a sizing chart to get the right fitted hat.

If you want to get a hat go to a hat store! A quality hat store will offer sizes in smaller increments and a broader size range such as small as 6 5/8, as big as size 8, or even larger! They will stock hats that will fit people who have unusually large or unusually small heads because after all if a hat store doesn't sell you a hat they won't sell you anything. Therefore, you can get a better fit for a great look that suits you. It is a general rule that if more sizes are available it means that you are buying a better quality product because a seller would not want to carry nor would a manufacturer bother to make a lot of sizes for a lower quality item.

It is more costly to manufacture and carry headwear in specific sizes because you need to carry a larger inventory. As a consequence, headwear with fewer available sizes are far more common, but not necessarily the more desired product.

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