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Fedora Hats 

We stock a huge selection of fedora hats from the worlds leading manufacturers. Fedora men's hats are made from fur felt, straw, wool, wool felt,and beaver fur felt. Whatever the style, we have a hat for you. A fedora men's hat is a great accessory to have. If you don't see it on our website call us on our toll free number and we will help you find what you need.

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Fedora Hats 
Wearing and History of Fedora Hats

What is a fedora hat? Depending on whom you ask you will get many different answers.  The word fedora originally comes from the play Fedora written in France by Victorien Sardou and shown in Paris in 1882. The style, which originally comes from the Austrian Tyrol, is a soft, brimmed hat that has a crease lengthwise across the top of a tapered crown.

Fedora hats are easy to personalize because they have a snap brim, a flexible brim all the way around, which is usually worn down in the front and up in the back. People can and do find numerous ways to take a fedora and change the look. Just manipulate the brim up or down in the front and back, or on the sides. If you are adventurous or an experienced hat wearer you may even want to change the pinch in the crown to varying degrees. You can flip the brim in all kinds of ways, put it on and shape it the way you want it. You just take the hat and make it your own! Beyond the fedora, the derby and homburg, both with stiff, curled brims, are slightly more formal hats that will provide variety for dress or business wear. The homburg, with its well-defined rolled brim, is the more popular and versatile of the two.

It does not take courage or an eccentric spirit to wear a dress hat in many parts of the country, certainly not in Detroit, Chicago, or Memphis where they love the blues. Great cities, they are excellent places for hat lovers, with dozens of places to listen to the blues and enough men wearing great hats to make you feel right at home. Musicians and music lovers like to dress and have always been fashion leaders.

Classic men's headwear has survived for centuries as highly visible symbols of the well dressed man. Today you will see them on people of all ages from all walks of life like lawyers, doctors, politicians, news anchors, clergy, factory workers, tradesmen, actors, and many types of musicians like blues, jazz, as well as rap and hip-hop singers and current pop artists.

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