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We have all kinds of summer hats to suit your life style. Cloth or straw, casual or elegant, whatever you need, we have the hat for you. If you don't see it on our website we will be happy to help you find what you need.

Capas Panama Fedora Hat
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Summer Hats For Cool Comfort

Summer hats are in style and can be seen all over town. It is not unusual to see a well dressed woman or man, walking down the street, wearing straw hats or light weight hats. Wide brims are normally favored during this time of year for comfort as well as fashion. Think of Victorian times with ladies is flowery and wide brimmed chapeau while the men are sporting straw and panama styles on their heads. 

Straw hats and summer hats with wide brims are traditionally worn for the Kentucky Derby and you can always see a wide variety of styles and color when looking over the spectators in the viewing stands at post time in Churchhill Downs. Include a summer hats in your wardrobe, which keeps your skin and hair from the sun. The effect of UV accumulates over the years, affecting the deeper layers of the skin. Skin cancer depends on total exposure, and the greater the exposure the higher the risk of skin cancer. It is never too late to start protecting the skin. Wearing headgear is one strategy that is recommended to protect the face, back of the neck and ears from overexposure to UV. It is recommended that headwear are used in combination with other forms of sun protection practices like seeking shade, wearing closely woven clothing with long sleeves and applying SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen

Summer Hats 

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