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In 1865 John B. Stetson took a small amount of money and a big idea and began the John B. Stetson Hat Company from a rented room in Texas. 

Having learned from his father, a master hatter, John decided that the way to make money was to create a specific type of hat and to become known for that style. About a year later, the now famous "Boss of the Plains" hat was born and the name Stetson was on its way to becoming the mark of quality, durability, innovation and beauty. When it comes to quality it has been the creed and for the past 130 years it has so stamped the product that the name Stetson and the word quality are synonymous.

Today, the factory in Garland, Texas is one of the largest facilities of it's type in the country and produces a line of Stetson Hats in hundreds of different styles and colors. No matter what the size of the factory is, quality and durability goes into each and every item manufactured there and is the driving force behind one of the most highly recognized names in the industry today.

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