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A Little History Of Kangol Hats

Kangol Hats was founded in 1938 as a British headwear company. It gained fame by providing a beret for Montgomery's World War II military uniform. It was also a quality-driven brand in the United Kingdom. Today Kangol Hats has operations in the U.S. and Great Britain and ships millions of hats all over the world.

In 1983, hip-hop artist LL Cool J wore the Bermuda Casual on the cover of his album "Radio," moving it up on the hip-hop fashion track. For years following, LL Cool J was rarely seen without his Kangol hat. Today, you'll often see actor Samuel Jackson and many other stars sporting one.

Kangol is an internationally recognized fashion brand. For modern lifestyles, they launched young men's and junior women's apparel lines as well as accessories. Most come with an embroidered kangaroo logo.