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We stock a huge selection of cowboy hats from the worlds leading manufacturers. Whatever the style, we have a hat for you. If you don't see it on our website call us on our toll free number and we will help you find what you need.

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Cowboy Hats - Straw or Felt Although today's Cowboy hats are recognized as part of "cowboy" lore, they are still worn for aesthetic value as a part of that particular style. As is the case today, in the early days of the old westthe Cowboy hats worn by cattle herders were made of felt and had a wide brim that protected cowboys from the sun and rain.
The main purpose of the multi-purpose cowboy hat was to shade the wearer from the harsh elements, but it could also be used to signal others, fan a campfire, swat a horse or pull water out of a stream. Today "Urban cowboys and cowgirls" or people looking for that distinctive style, wear straw, leather and felt versions of this wide, rolled brim with a high creased crown. Hats-Plus.com - Cowboy Hats, Fitted Hats, Hats For Men's Leather Caps

See our online selection above or call us for more choices. We have over 35,000 hats and caps in stock! There is a wide choice of styles available from many manufacturers. The most famous are the Stetson Cowboy Hats. Call us for other designs and options.

Speaking of cool, a nice wide brim cowboy hat can keep a man's face cool and comfortable in the summer months. With all the talk of the the dangers of exposure to sunlight, many people wear a hat to protect their head and face. 

Over exposure to the sun has also been linked to aging of the skin. Many women also use some type of head cover to keep the sun off of their face and head as well. Click on the link in the upper left hand navigation for summer hats and see the options available for men and women. Cool, comfortable, stylish and affordable all right here at your fingertips. 

Stetson Jerimiah Western Hat No Description Available So, consider the many style and options offered within this site. Just click on one of the links above to get started 

Cowboy Hats 

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