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June 26, 2019 – 6:12 am

Gardening season is starting and you need a new hat to protect you from the sun. Check out Stetson’s latest offering that is perfect for the job.

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How Do I Choose a Winter Hat?

September 14, 2018 – 9:00 am
hat and coat

You’ve only got money for one hat or cap this winter. What will it be? Learn some great tips for selecting the perfect one when you click here.

We’ve Got Nothing Against Alan Arkin’s Hat in ‘Grudge Match’

December 21, 2013 – 9:52 pm
Dobbs Jett

Hats are everywhere in the movies, and Alan Arkin wears a nice fedora in the boxing comedy “Grudge Match.” Learn all about it when you click to read this story.

The Best Part of Autumn: NEW HATS!

September 14, 2013 – 6:27 pm
Winter Hats

Just ahead of the changing colors, Hats Plus is making its annual change from straw to felt, as it fills its shelves and racks with a new season’s hats and caps. Learn more about that transition when you click here.

We’re Not Sayin’…We’re Just Sayin’…

July 27, 2013 – 6:58 pm

Heaven forbid, it is way too early to start talking about fall. Summer just started, for goodness sake. Buuuuut, the approach of autumn means at least one good thing. New hats. Curious?

This Joint Is Jumpin’ with Kangol

April 7, 2012 – 10:30 pm
Kangol Summer Hats

Kangol has delivered its latest designs to Hats Plus for the summer season. Click here for a sneak peak.

Spring Straw Hat Collection Sprouts at Hats Plus

March 3, 2012 – 11:34 pm
Stetson Andover

What’s going on at Hats Plus this March. Clear here to find out.

Why Do They Call It a Pork Pie?

October 8, 2011 – 7:46 pm
Buster Keaton

Every wonder why they call some fedoras pork pies? Click here to find out why.

Hat Etiquette: Public Places

June 30, 2011 – 8:04 pm

Just when and where is it acceptable to wear a hat indoors, outdoors and those places in between? Learn about hat etiquette in the first of what will be many posts at the Hat Chronicles.

Rainy Day Hats

June 11, 2011 – 6:39 pm

Keep a smile on your face, as the stormy clouds chase everyone from the place, because you know the best hats to wear on a rainy day. Not all fedoras and caps handle water equally, and we’ll tell you what to shop for if you want to better stay dry and not ruin your hat in inclement weather.

Hats in History: The Big Game

February 1, 2011 – 10:01 pm
Wrigley Wildcats

Sports fans have changed a lot over the years. Learn all about how dressed up they got and the spectacular hats they’d wear to any game, not just the Super Bowl or World Series. Click here to check it out!