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June 26, 2019 – 6:12 am

Gardening season is starting and you need a new hat to protect you from the sun. Check out Stetson’s latest offering that is perfect for the job.

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Labor Day Reminder

September 3, 2011 – 10:00 pm

Brace yourself for the changing seasons with a quick Labor Day update and links to great info about dusting and storing your hats.

We Have Officially Launched

April 23, 2011 – 4:46 pm

Read the official press release declaring the launch of the “Hat Chronicles,” and learn about all of the site’s many features.

Baseball & Hats: A ‘Natural’ Fit

March 26, 2011 – 7:47 pm

One of the greatest baseball movies of all time is “The Natural.” It also is a great movie for hat lovers. Nearly everybody wears a hat. Learn all about what they’re wearing in this edition of Hollywood Hatties.

‘The Adjustment Bureau:’ A Hat-Heavy Thriller

February 26, 2011 – 10:29 pm

“The Adjustment Bureau” has yet to be released, but it is already looking like a great hat movie. Check out what the stars Matt Damon and Terence Stamp are wearing when you click here.

Hats in History: The Big Game

February 1, 2011 – 10:01 pm
Wrigley Wildcats

Sports fans have changed a lot over the years. Learn all about how dressed up they got and the spectacular hats they’d wear to any game, not just the Super Bowl or World Series. Click here to check it out!

Hats with ‘True Grit’

January 22, 2011 – 5:09 pm

It is time we talk about cowboy hats in Hollywood, and what better way to start out than with the exciting remake of “True Grit.”

Hats and Human Dignity

January 13, 2011 – 11:04 pm

In the golden days of headwear, a hat was more than just a fashion statement. It was an expression of your human dignity. Even the bums wore fedoras, tattered though they might have been, but at least they hadn’t lost everything. Click here for more.

How to Properly Size a Hat

October 9, 2010 – 7:33 pm

In the shop, we find that ÔÇ£How do you size a hat?ÔÇØ is probably the #1 question weÔÇÖre asked every day.
It is not as easy as it might sound.
A hat can speak volumes about you, …

Hollywood Hatties–The Chicago Way

October 9, 2010 – 7:19 pm
Stetson Downs

As weÔÇÖre a proud Chicago company, it only seems right to tackle the ultimate G-man movie set in our fair city: ÔÇ£The Untouchables.ÔÇØ
This 1987 tour de force directed by Brian dePalma stars Kevin Costner as …