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June 26, 2019 – 6:12 am

Gardening season is starting and you need a new hat to protect you from the sun. Check out Stetson’s latest offering that is perfect for the job.

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Time to Store the Straw Hats

October 2, 2010 – 5:32 pm

Once Labor Day has come and gone, it is time to put up the straw hats for another year. In less enlightened times, if you were caught wearing straw after Labor Day someone might swipe …

Hats Plus Bowling Derby

October 2, 2010 – 5:11 pm

Hats arenÔÇÖt the only bowlers weÔÇÖre obsessed with. Not too long ago, Hats Plus had an employeesÔÇÖ bowling outing at ChicagoÔÇÖs famous Waveland Bowl.
For one grand evening it was cheese fries, pizza, beer and soda. …

Just What Is a Fedora?

October 2, 2010 – 3:59 pm

Many people come into the shop with a preconceived notion that a true fedora must look a certain way because that is what their favorite actor or musician wears.
However, fedoras come in many shapes and …

That ‘Mad Men’ Look

October 2, 2010 – 3:42 pm

As ÔÇ£Mad MenÔÇØ starts its latest season, lots of people have been asking us about the hat worn by the main character, marketing mogul Don Draper.
The peak of ÔÇÖ60s business chic, DraperÔÇÖs short-brimmed felt fedora …

Just Mad about Movie Hats

September 26, 2010 – 9:57 pm

Want a hat like Johnny Depp’s in “Alice in Wonderland”? We offer tips about how it can be done, and investigate the dark history of hatters.

Tilley Hats: The Ultimate Summer Hat Even Comes with Instructions

September 26, 2010 – 9:34 pm

Light-weight hats that offer U.V. protection from the sun. Washable? So amazing they need an instruction manual? Yep, read all about Tilley Hats, right here.

What Is a Panama Hat?

September 26, 2010 – 9:10 pm

Learn why true Panama hats are woven in Ecuador and how you can recognize one at Hat University!

Hats Plus Is on Facebook!

September 26, 2010 – 8:11 pm

In an effort to better share our love of headwear with our customers locally and globally, ChicagoÔÇÖs pre-eminent hat shop is now on Facebook.
If you are brand new to Hats Plus, we have been a …