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One of the new hats we predict to be a top seller this summer is the Dobbs Center Dent Shantung Straw Fedora. Naturally the classic styling and light-weight shantung straw will turn heads while remaining …

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CHICAGO, IL, April 23, 2011 – Retailer Hats Plus announced today the launch of its new hat enthusiast blog “Hat Chronicles.” Want to know about the hat Don Draper wears in “Mad Men”? Curious about how the homburg hat was invented? Wondering just how to fit the proper topper? Dying to know which celebrity was spotted sporting the latest Stetson fedora? “Hat Chronicles” is the hottest new blog offering answers to these burning questions and much, much more.

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Hats Plus is a thriving Chicago-based hat shop that also has an out-of-this-world website servicing customers all around the world. The Hat Chronicles blog helps bring the in-store experience to your computer.

Hats Plus – a bustling brick and mortar hat store in Chicago bolstered by an extensive ecommerce website – recently launched the new blog to entertain, educate and engage headwear enthusiasts and the hat curious alike.

“Whether you have worn hats for a long time or not, we hope you will find something to interest you in our new blog,” said owner Martin Mann, who was named Hat Retailer of the Year in 2009 by the Headwear Association. “If you look back in history, people have always worn hats. Hats are here to stay. Hats are about lifestyle; people wear them for warmth, solar protection, fashion, personality, stage performances and many other reasons.”

The blog offers articles across five main categories: Hollywood Hatties, Hat University, Welcome to Our World, Get it While it’s Hot and Beyond the Brim.

Celebrity Hats

Hollywood Hatties” looks at the hats worn by the stars in the movies and TV shows of today and yesterday. From Leonardo DiCaprio’s fedora in “Shutter Island” to Oddjob’s steel-rimmed bowler hat in “Goldfinger,” there are plenty of great examples of hats playing a feature role in Hollywood over the years.

Be Hat Smart

Hat University” explores the proper care and maintenance of hats. Some of the recent topics include:

How Do I Avoid ‘Hat Hair’?

Is this Hat too Big?

Are Hat Feathers Necessary?

Step into the World of Hats Plus

Welcome to Our World” brings to life the customer (and employee) experience in the brick-and-mortar hat shop located in Chicago. Read about Edwin Urrutia, the resident “Hat Whisperer.” Or catch up with a few customers on a recent Saturday as they discuss the relative merits of the Stetson Sutley, Bailey Crushable Fedora and Biltmore Tyrolean (delightful in bright red or green for the holidays!)

Hat Parade

Get it While it’s Hot” highlights some of  the latest hats available for sale and their special features. Here’s an excerpt from the December 30, 2010 post:

“There are few hats as adept at keeping your melon toasty as a “bomber.” Yup, these are hats that look like what pilots used to wear. (Of course, the origins of that hat date back to Russia, China and other really cold places.) Our “Mad Bomber” is one of the most popular models we sell, as it is lined with rabbit fur and made of soft lambskin leather that is very warm.”

Hat History and Trivia

And, finally, there is “Beyond the Brim.” This section delves deeper into the history of headwear, defines features in hats, looks at famous people and the hats they wore and other fun miscellany. A recent post took a look at Chicago Mayor William Hale Thompson. Mayor Thompson was a notorious crony of Al Capone, and was frequently photographed sporting his customary bowler hat.

“We’ve been developing Hat Chronicles for more than nine months,” said Nathaniel Cerf, who is the site’s editor and principal writer. “It is a lot of fun, and we’re hoping our readers and hat enthusiasts find it as entertaining to read as we have found it to create.”

 “We’re looking forward to actively engaging both our loyal customers and casual readers in the blog. We’ve got some exciting plans for galleries and revolving promotions that will be a lot of fun for everyone,” Cerf continued. “For us, hats are more than just what we sell, they are a style icon and a symbol of the good life.”

About Hats Plus

Serving Chicagoland since 1987, the Hats Plus retail store is located at 4706 W. Irving Park Rd. We offer more than 600 types of men’s hats, with more than 30,000 hats in stock. Feature brands include Stetson, Kangol, Goorin Brothers, Borsalino, Biltmore, Dobbs and many others. The online store is at Our phone number is (877) 428-7863.

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