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One of the new hats we predict to be a top seller this summer is the Dobbs Center Dent Shantung Straw Fedora. Naturally the classic styling and light-weight shantung straw will turn heads while remaining …

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Being the biggest hat shop in Chicago, we have become the great mixing bowl of the city’s many cultures and heritages. Half of the in-store experience is just meeting the different customers who come through the door.

Whether they’re actors, Halloween revelers or clubbin’ cats makin’ the scene, it is great to hear each individual story.

Jason is an actor taking classes at Second City, the Chicago comedy club that serves as the “farm system” for “Saturday Night Live.”  He has always been a hat fan.

“I’m big on the Kangols and the newsies,” he said.

But today he came in on a special occasion.

“I’m shopping for a hat for a movie I’m going to be playing a jazz character in,” Jason said.

He said it is an indie picture that doesn’t have a formal title yet, as it was just about to start production. He promised to keep us posted on the title and the film’s release. He bought a stingy brim Broner fedora he was certain would make the character’s look complete.

Tom came in on what might possibly be the last 70 degree day of the year with an eye toward the cooler days ahead. He is a prefers fedoras and already has several.

“I’m looking for a brown one for fall and winter,” he explained while discussing his visit. He was last seen smiling into a mirror with a brown Stetson Sutley perched up top.

A husband and wife came in, preparing for their trip to spend Halloween in New Orleans. Approached while staring at several hats resting on a red vest with black pin striping, Aaron said, “I’m trying to match it with my outfit.”

A red Bailey Crushable Fedora won the battle. Not only did it’s red and black coloring match the vest, it was the perfect hat for traveling.

Meanwhile, Aaron’s wife found the green Biltmore Tyrolean and gently reminded him, “Christmas is coming.”

“I really don’t think that hat would work for me,” he said.

“Not for you,” she prodded. “For me.”

By mid-afternoon, our biggest hat challenge of the day entered the store. Jeff walked in with a beautiful plum red and black fur coat and wanted a hat to match it.

“It’s made from chinchilla,” he explained, as he stroked the thick, soft fur that nearly swallowed his entire hand.

Where does one wear such a spectacular coat?

“You ever hear of steppers?” Jeff asked, referring to the dance style popular in films such as “Stomp the Yard.” “There are a few clubs I like to go to to watch them. And, well, you gotta look good.”

Matching the color was impossible, but finding a color that would accentuate the coat wasn’t so difficult. Jeff liked the red fur felt of the Biltmore Tyrolean, but he liked the look of the Biltmore Designer Series Fedoras.

Store owner Martin Mann proposed a potential solution and offered to call Biltmore directly to see if they could make a Designer Series fedora in the red fur felt of the Tyrolean. That seemed to make Jeff’s day, and the two traded information to see if Biltmore could provide Jeff with exactly what he wanted.

And that level of customer service is one of the greatest benefits Hats Plus offers its shoppers. Sometimes we can request custom designed hats at affordable rates. It really just depends on the manufacturers having the capability and materials to tackle such jobs.

Gary, on the other hand, is more representative of our average customer.

“I just like to wear hats,” he said while perusing the Borsalino leather ivies. Then, with a sheepish grin, he added, “Plus, I’m losing my hair a little and am looking to keep warm.”

No matter what reason you are looking for hats, we’ve got you covered.

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